Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask Bourbon

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By Wyoming

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Unveil a world of unmatched splendor and taste with the Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Crafted for the discerning palate of the rich and famous, it offers a sensational journey through the magnificent landscapes of Wyoming, redefining the concept of American luxury whiskey.

Exclusivity at its best, the Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask Straight Bourbon Whiskey is more than just a premium drink; it's a statement of stature, indulgence, and timeless elegance. Awaiting within every bottle is an intoxicating blend of rich flavors, meticulously curated and matured to perfection, distinguishing it from the ordinary and setting new standards in the realm of fine bourbon.

Starting with the finest local ingredients, our master distillers work their magic in the heart of Wyoming, transforming simple grains into liquid gold. The whiskey is double-aged in two separate casks, enhancing its robust flavor profile and embodying the wild spirit of the West.


copper to mahogany

autumnal notes of dried apricot, mission fig, and dried date

stewed prune and black raisin, with hints of candied orange peel; vanilla butter cream and toffee underneath

rich, sticky cinnamon roll with raisins and spice

dark dried fruit, followed by warming brown baking spices

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.