Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon Whiskey

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Wild Turkey 101 was the first 101 proof bourbon and remains a favourite of bourbon connoisseurs. Although it's high strength (50% alcohol by volume) and smooth, mellow flavour make it very suitable as a drink in its own right, some prefer to enjoy it on the rocks or as part of a classic cocktail such as an Old Fashioned.

Wild Turkey 101 is a brilliantly smooth bourbon that packs a punch. There's very little like it on the market, and that's because it's matured in barrels made of American White Oak.

Wild Turkey 101 is a true whiskey lover's whiskey, distilled six times and barrelled for a minimum of four years. The hot Kentucky summers set the vanilla toasting process in motion, lending hints of molasses and spice that finish off this classic bourbon.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.