Whistlepig The Béhôlden 21 Year Single Malt Whiskey


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Get ready for a whiskey experience like no other with Whistlepig The Béhôlden 21 Year Single Malt Whiskey. This North American Single Malt is the first of its kind, aged for an impressive 21 years in American Oak to create a unique flavor profile that's sure to impress.

With its rich and complex taste, The Béhôlden features a bready and nutty base, accented by the subtle sweetness of maple and dried fruit. To finish off this exquisite whiskey, it's aged in WhistlePig Rye barrels, bringing savory spice and subtle smoky notes to the forefront.

If you're looking for a progressive whiskey that's ahead of the game, then The Béhôlden is the perfect choice. Its distinctive flavor profile is sure to appeal to adventurous palates, making it a must-try for whiskey lovers everywhere.

Don't miss out on this exceptional whiskey - add Whistlepig The Béhôlden 21 Year Single Malt to your collection today.


Sweet fruit notes that leads into scents of cinnamon.

Golden raisin, graham cracker and black cherry.

Solid oak with maple and praline, and a hint of smoke on finish.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.