WhistlePig Old World Rye Aged 12 Years


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Aged to perfection, WhistlePig Old World Rye is a classic for the whiskey connoisseur!

Our WhistlePig Old World Rye Whiskey is a 12-year-old rye styled by Old World sensibilities . This whiskey is the marriage of three finishes, each with their own distinctive flavor profiles. We begin with our signature 100% rye mashbill and age it in hand-selected American oak barrels. Then we finish the whiskey in three different styles of casks: Calvados Casks from Pays d'Auge, Sauternes Casks from Bordeaux, and Madeira Casks from Portugal's Douro Valley. The process results in an incredibly smooth, refined, and complex whiskey that brings out the best qualities of each finish.

The result is a beautifully crafted spirit with a nose of vanilla caramel and apple pie, followed by a palate of honey, nuts, and dried fruits, and finally a finish that includes chocolate covered cherries and more dried fruits. These notes are all perfectly balanced to create an experience that you'll never forget.
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