Westland American Single Malt Whiskey

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Westland American Single Malt Whiskey is distilled from 100% Washington-grown barley, with our award-winning spirit aged in new charred American Oak casks. This creates a smooth, complex and wonderfully aromatic single malt; the perfect complement for the finest

Our American Whiskey is made in the old world manner, with the same basic raw materials and process used for generations. Yet, we don’t simply seek to replicate the results. We work to create whiskeys that reflect our distinct qualities of place: of the land where they are made and by those who make them.

Truly wonderful on its own, this rich, flavorful whiskey can also be enjoyed in your favorite cocktail or mixed drink. And the bottle? It's just as beautiful as everything you'll find inside.

Custard filling, marionberry compote, maple brittle, toasted marshmallow.

Almond nougat, crème brûlée, black tea, white flower petals, malted milk balls.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.