Trader Vic's Kona Coffee Liqueur

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Experience Trader Vic's Kona Coffee Liqueur! A perfect blend of 100% Kona Coffee and premium spirits. Indulge in a luxurious taste that keeps you coming back.

Step into the world of extraordinary flavors with Trader Vic's Kona Coffee Liqueur. Our unique, rich liqueur marries the robustness of 100% Kona Coffee with the silky smoothness of the finest premium spirits. Grown on the slopes of Mauna Loa in Hawaii, our Kona coffee beans are handpicked and sun-dried to capture the essence of this idyllic paradise.

The subtle earthy tones of coffee beautifully intertwine with the nuanced sweetness of the liqueur, offering a complex yet balanced flavor profile. Each sip of Trader Vic's Kona Coffee Liqueur takes you on an indulgent journey, revealing notes of dark chocolate, toasted nuts, and an undercurrent of tropical mystique.

Perfect served straight, on the rocks, or as a cocktail enhancer, Trader Vic's Kona Coffee Liqueur is the secret ingredient that adds an exotic twist to your drink. This versatile liqueur, with its deep, rich flavors, is an excellent addition to any liquor collection and a must-have for coffee lovers.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.