The Knot 100 Proof Irish Whiskey

By Knot

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The Knot is a 100 proof whiskey blended by Irish Distillers. Whisper sweet butterscotch flavors, plus notes of honey and spice to marry the beast within with a smooth finish. The black label tells you how strong this stuff really is. It's bottled at 100 proof, or 50% alcohol by volume (aka "proof"). Enjoy neat, or with ice-cold ginger ale on the rocks.

Think you've done your fair share of tasting whiskey? Has it gotten you nowhere but the bottom of another glass? Then stow away your dram glasses and taste the Knot 100 Proof. It's a spirit made with Irish whiskey, so it has a kick, but this sucker's got enough butterscotchiness to soften up its bite.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.