Sweetens Cove 22 Peyton Manning Bourbon


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Listen up, team! You don't go to the Super Bowl with rookie spirits; you need something that’s been through more seasons than a grizzled veteran. That’s where Sweetens Cove 22 by Peyton Manning comes in. This bourbon is aged for 22 years, making it the Tom Brady of bourbons. Remember how Peyton would yell "Omaha" and change the play at the line of scrimmage? Well, this is your "Omaha" moment in whiskey tasting; it's time to change your go-to bourbon.

Just like a perfect spiral from the 50-yard line, Sweetens Cove 22 delivers complexity with pinpoint accuracy. This isn't your JV bourbon; it's the league MVP. It starts off with an audible of rich caramel and vanilla, executes a play-action fake with hints of spice, and then lands a touchdown with an oak-infused finish. If you're looking to elevate your game, this is how you march down the field, one sip at a time.


Aroma is warm mature oak, leather, sweet red fruit, raisin, clove, orange peel. Palate has autumn spices and toast, baked apple, chewy charred oak. Finished is a warm oak resin, hints of vanilla bean and ripe fruit

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.