Sweetens Cove 21 Peyton Manning Bourbon


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Team, gather 'round. Now, I know you're familiar with Peyton Manning's knack for calling audibles, right? Well, his Sweetens Cove 21 is the "Omaha" of bourbons — a quick pivot to greatness that you didn't see coming but absolutely needed. Aged for 21 years, this bourbon is like a seasoned pro who knows every trick in the book. It's the real deal, and just like an all-star quarterback, it never disappoints.

Here's the game plan: On your first sip, you'll encounter an "audible" of robust leather and tobacco, followed by a "Red Dog Blitz" of sweet, mature oak. It’s like breaking through the defensive line straight into the end zone with an incredibly smooth finish. If we're talking football, folks, this isn't just any touchdown; this is a game-winning, crowd-roaring, confetti-falling kind of touchdown. Get ready to hoist the trophy, because Sweetens Cove 21 is the championship of bourbons.


Sweet toasted oak, bright ripe fruit, hint of baking spice, and vanilla bean. robust cooperage, brown sugar and toffee oak presence grows on finish.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.