Spirit Works Vodka

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Thirsting for a vodka that offers a crystal-clear harmony of smoothness and warmth, with a burst of cheer? Spirit Works Vodka is your answer! Born from the heart of premium grains and meticulously filtered, each sip is a comforting melody of clean, mildly sweet, and silky smooth notes. It's a vibrant serenade that whispers - "Relax, enjoy, and let your spirit shine!"

Say 'na zdrowie' to a vodka that redefines purity, let's stir up the party. Our Spirit Works Vodka isn't just a fleeting fancy. It's a grand ball of subtlety playing in the elegant chambers of our copper stills. It entices, it comforts, and just when you think you've unraveled its purity, it mesmerizes with another hint of smoothness.


Heavy cream

Sweet caramel, butterscotch, warm earthy notes, and round mouthfeel

Extremely smooth finish with hints of vanilla

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.