SelvaRey Coconut Rum

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The flavor of classic Caribbean rums was in dire need of an upgrade and we aimed to give it one with SelvaRey Coconut Rum. With hints of vanilla, coconut and anise, it’s smooth, refined and simply delicious.

We didn't want just another coconut rum. We wanted to create something with depth and refinement that wasn't too sweet or fruity, but still evoked the warmth of the tropics. We started by making our own flavor-infused aged rum. Then we carefully blended it with rich simplicity and balanced it with a healthy dose of creamy coconut. The result is an elegant, complex spirit that keeps things lighthearted while celebrating the heart and soul of the Caribbean lifestyle: togetherness, friendship, a roaring bonfire on a beach surrounded by palm trees...

We believe that drinking a ton of rum is a right, not a privilege.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.