Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon

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Master Distiller Jimmy Russell hand-selects barrels for this award-winning bourbon, the only single barrel expression in our line. It’s matured in Warehouse I at our facility in Bardstown, KY, the birthplace of bourbon. The No. 4 alligator char barrels are rarely seen outside of central distilleries, and were used for many years to age another well respected bourbon. Yet due to their large size, these are perfect for holding Russell’s Reserve ten times longer than in traditional oak barrels.

Crafted in the birthplace of bourbon with techniques dating back to pre-Prohibition, Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon is matured in the deepest No. 4 alligator char barrels. Individually bottled at 110 proof and non-chill filtered to guarantee maximum flavor, each barrel has its own personality yet still captures our signature toffee and vanilla tones. Rich oaky notes meet an intense spiciness, which creates a robust taste that is best experienced right out of the bottle.


Coppery red

Vanilla, nuts, and brown sugar with notes of oak and cinnamon

Spicy, bold, and deeply complex with creamy toffee, licorice, and vanilla

Sweet spice and malty notes

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.