Rare Hare Lucky Bastard 30 Year Canadian Whiskey


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Discover the unparalleled decadence of the Rare Hare LUCKY BASTARD WHISKEY, a magnificent representation of premium Canadian Whiskey that has journeyed through a lavish 30-year aging process. This meticulously crafted whiskey unveils a remarkable flavor profile, teeming with multifaceted nuances and bold character that connoisseurs around the world appreciate.

Get swept away by the romantic tale told by each sip of Rare Hare Lucky Bastard Whiskey. Immerse in its velvety blend and smoky notes.



Delicate and sweet, vanilla bean, golden raisin, dandelion, honeycomb, and bee pollen.

Browned butter and sugar, serrano chile, beachwood, young coconut, anise, Colombian walnut, and gentian root.

A gorgeous transformation with notes of banana peel, mellow Martinique rhum, and plantains.