Penelope Architect French Oak Stave Finish Bourbon

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Penelope Architect French Oak Stave Finish Bourbon is where innovation meets tradition, offering a meticulously crafted flavor journey you won't forget.

Architecture isn't just about buildings; it's about creating experiences, evoking emotions, and defining moments in space and time. Penelope Architect French Oak Stave Finish Bourbon takes this ethos and applies it to the world of spirits, crafting a bourbon experience that's as unforgettable as a skyline at sunset.

Working closely with Tonnellerie Radoux, the leading name in oak barrel technology, we leverage French oak staves and OakScan precision to construct a flavor profile that's both innovative and timeless. Each bottle embodies this exacting process, offering a taste experience that's as flawlessly designed as a skyscraper's blueprints.

The result is a bourbon that's not just consumed but explored, from the nuanced nose to the complex palate and the satisfying, lingering finish. It's a tactile experience, much like moving through a well-designed building, where every element has been thoughtfully placed for maximum impact.


Sweet candied cream and floral with hints of crème brûlée

Forward Notes
Sweet vanilla and viscous cream with some savory oak notes

Creamy sweetness transitions from the forward notes and into the body, herbal, floral and cream

Rich vanilla that leaves a long lingering finish with some heat

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.