Peerless Kentucky Straight Bourbon

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Give the gift of Kentucky's signature spirit with this bottle of Peerless Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Peerless Kentucky Straight Bourbon upholds the promise of producing top-notch spirits from the historic distillery.

If you are a bourbon fan, then you owe it to yourself to try this rare and delicious whiskey. This special Kentucky Straight Bourbon is truly one-of-a-kind, with a flavor that’s unlike any other you’ve ever tasted.


Peerless Bourbon is rooted in fruits, florals, and oaks. The nose features citrus, cedar, honeysuckle, and a nice balance of spicy oak. The first sip is caramel and toasted oak before a multitude of notes from around the flavor wheel show up on the palate. The finish showcases an enduring duel between sweet and spicy notes as citrus, florals, and the sweet oak struggle for dominance against dry cocoa, cinnamon, and spicy oak. The result is a fantastic whiskey that should be fascinating for everyone from beginners to connoisseurs.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.