New Riff Kentucky Wild Gin


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New Riff Kentucky Wild Gin is a foraged treasure trove of local botanicals. Get ready for an unparalleled gin experience that captures the true spirit of Kentucky.

Ready for a gin that breaks all the rules and charts its own course? Meet New Riff Kentucky Wild Gin. Crafted deep in the heartland of the Ohio Valley, this is no ordinary gin. It's a medley of twelve finely balanced botanicals, including time-honored European ingredients like angelica, orris, and licorice root. To top it off, we infuse the crisp tang of three types of citrus.

The true highlight, however, comes from the wild heart of Kentucky. We handpick two unique, farmer-foraged wild seasonings to give our gin a flavor profile that's a love letter to our region. It’s all distilled in a single pot, locking in every complex note and nuance.


Classic gin botanicals with unique American allspice(spicebush) accents.

Spicy-dry botanical notes backed with Rye New Make richness.

Lively, gripping citrus-spice notes with balanced juniper.

This non-chill-filtered gin preserves all the flavor and aroma from our copper pot still. It may cloud slightly when chilled. This is not only natural, it is delicious.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.