New Holland Dragon's Milk Beer Barrel Bourbon

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New Holland Dragon's Milk Beer Barrel Bourbon is a unique, first-of-its-kind bourbon. Made from a high-barley mash bill, the beer barrel aging imparts earthy, yet sweet, notes of vanilla and caramel. After resting in Dragon’s Milk barrels for three months, the flavor is further enhanced to include properties of semi-sweet chocolate and roasted malt.

As Dragon’s Milk barrels are rare and expensive, we saw an opportunity to keep this bourbon in the market all year round. We wanted it to taste great, so we brewed an Rye Pale Ale and put it in new American oak barrels for about one month, then finished it with a resting period in Dragon’s Milk barrels. You’ll notice that each flavor of this beer has been absorbed by the wood during aging: The caramel sweetness of pear, apple, and lemon rind; The honey notes from treacle, wildflower honey and blackberry; And the roasted nuttiness of golden raisin paste. The creamy mouthfeel and clean finish come from a high-barley mash bill engineered just for New Holland Brewing.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.