Metaxa Ouzo Greek Liqueur

By Metaxa

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Ouzo by Metaxa is a Greek liqueur made of anise seeds, fennel, coriander and other aromatic herbs. The creamy white color of OUZO can be attributed to the foam added during its production process. The legendary taste of the drink is due to a combination of rich spices used in its preparation, including coriander, pimento and green almonds. Metaxa OUZO has an intense alcoholic content of 45%, which makes it an ideal drink for night parties and festive evenings around the fireplace.

The story of ouzo begins in Greece. In the early 1900s, a distillery in Piraeus created many alcoholic drinks. Among them, the most popular Greek aperitif: Ouzo. OUZO by METAXA is based on the original recipe and includes different aromatic seeds from all over the Mediterranean basin and an ingredient known as mastic from the island of Chios.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.