Massenez Poire Williams Pear Brandy

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The moment you open this Massenez Poire Williams Pear Brandy in a traditional flute bottle you realize why it's a staple of Distillerie Massenez! The nose is intense and fruity, and the palate is harmonious, with an even balance between the freshness of the fruit and its roundness... It is easy to notice the fruit and this is no coincidence, as one bottle contains the equivalent of fourteen kilograms of Williams Pears.


Pale, brilliant, clear.

Lingering, sharp, exuberant, with beautiful density.

Complex, harmonious, delicate, round. With pleasant notes of fresh fruit. Well balanced, opulent.
A long, flavorsome finish with the taste of fruit.

A rich nose, finesse on the palate, superb.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.