Marfanista Anejo Tequila


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Marfanista Añejo Estate Bottled Tequila. Carefully aged for over 18 months, this tequila is cultivated from 100% Blue Weber Agave and handcrafted to be sipped and savored.

Do you like a smooth and tasty Tequila? Get excited, because that’s just what we’ve crafted. Developed in collaboration with Mexico’s most awarded distillery, Casa Maestri, we are confident this partnership has crafted a spirit that exceeds all expectations for quality and flavor. Carefully aged for over 18 months, Marfanista Añejo Estate Bottled Tequila is a must-try for every connoisseur of the agave spirit.

Tequila is often described as the drink of choice for a very specific kind of person - an individual that enjoys both quality and excitement in their life. Whether you enjoy it straight, on the rocks or in cocktails, Marfanista Anejo Tequila is sure to captivate you with its smooth, complex flavor profile and elegant yet sturdy finish.

Caramel, orange citrus with a hint of wood, and roasted agave. Smooth and fresh apple with a touch of vanilla and lingering sweetness finish.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.