Mandala Añejo Dia De Los Muertos


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By Mandala


This the illustrious Mandala Anejo Dia De Los Muertos Tequila—a harmonious marriage of ancestral homage and contemporary elegance. This spirit is a vibrant tribute to the revered Day of the Dead, infused with the essence of celebrated traditions and refined sophistication. Every drop is a journey through velvety richness and subtle nuances, enchanting the palate with a whisper of age-old secrets and modern mastery, making it a must-have for every tequila connoisseur.

While the allure of the tequila mandala dia de muertos limited edition extra anejo remains currently untold due to its unavailability, the mere whisper of the Mandala Anejo Dia De Los Muertos tequila price conveys an air of exclusive luxury. This mystique-filled spirit is bound to captivate, sparking a relentless quest among aficionados to experience the exquisite tapestry of flavors concealed within its distinguished bottle.


Aroma: Roasted French oak, cooked agave
Taste: Soft, fruity and sweet, leaving a finish that is persistent and pleasant to the pallet
Aging: 24 months in French oak barrels