Maestro Dobel Anejo Tequila

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From the first sip, it’s clear that Maestro Dobel Añejo is anything but ordinary. It’s a spirit that instantly entices your senses with rich, dark agave and pepper flavors. After the initial sweetness gives way to the roasted oak flavors of vanilla and spice, you are left with a rich and complex finish.

Maestro Dobel Anejo Tequila is our signature product, a refined spirit made from 100% blue agave and aged in select white oak barrels that impart their own unique woody character. Its smooth taste and aroma will capture your senses.

Dark amber with bright golden, coppery tones and an exceptional body that comes from high-quality agaves.

A satisfying combination of different sensations, including the dominance of wood interspersed with sweet, nutty and vanilla flavors, with slight notes of agave and fruitiness. It has an indescribably smooth, long finish.

An exceptional mix of aromas released from the wood and agave include buttery caramel, almond and cinnamon notes, as well as fruity scents of pineapple and apple with a slight smokiness that stems from the toasted wood.

Pleasantly smooth taste with a light finish.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.