Leopold's Gin No. 25

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Partake in a star-crossed journey where botanicals and craftsmanship defy fate to come together—introducing Leopold's Gin No. 25. This handcrafted gin plays out like a poetic love affair between its myriad ingredients, as it artfully combines juniper with an eloquent ensemble of spices and citrus.

The meticulous distillation process creates a destiny for each flavor note, allowing it to shine at its destined moment on your palate. Just like a sonnet that captures the essence of undying love and inevitable tragedy, each sip of this gin tells a story that is at once timeless and momentary. It's the gin that defies its fate to be ordinary and chooses, instead, to be extraordinary.

Enjoy it neat or as the cornerstone of a cocktail that’s as compelling as an age-old love story.


In addition to the citrus, we finish the Gin with earthy and savory notes using Orris Root, Juniper, Sri Lankan White Pepper, and South African Rooibos Tea.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.