Leopold Bros Maryland Style Rye Whiskey

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Unleash a wave of epicurean delight with Leopold Bros Maryland-Style Rye Whiskey – an unbridled expression of sipping pleasure that's set to tantalize the palates of whiskey aficionados everywhere.

Our Maryland-Style Rye Whiskey is an irresistible homage to the pre-Prohibition era, a time when Maryland's rye whiskies were famed for their bold, robust flavors. Immaculately crafted by the illustrious Leopold Bros, this tantalizingly smooth, yet unmistakably full-bodied rye whiskey is set to redefine your whiskey experience.

Each batch is fermented in a traditional, open-top vat to amplify the rich, distinctive notes of rye and barley. This expertly crafted spirit is then distilled in our hand-hammered copper pot still, before being aged in charred new American oak barrels. The result? A robust whiskey with a palate-pleasing complexity of flavors.

At first sip, you're welcomed with a surge of spiced fruit, followed by a hint of toasted grain and nutmeg. As it cascades down your throat, relish the seamless blend of baking spices and caramel, culminating in a full-bodied, dry finish that lingers, leaving you yearning for the next sip.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.