Kilchoman Small Batch No 8 Port Cask Scotch

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Discover the sublime elegance of the Kilchoman Small Batch No 8 Port Cask Scotch, an exquisite single malt that stands as a testament to traditional whisky craftsmanship.

Distilled on the pristine shores of Islay, this limited edition release offers aficionados a captivating dance of flavors - intertwining the smoky peatiness characteristic of Islay malts with the sumptuous richness of Port.

Each bottle reveals layers of dark fruit, honeyed sweetness, and hints of spice, reflecting its prestigious Port Cask maturation. Secure your place in the exclusive circle of connoisseurs and savor the sophisticated depths of this unparalleled Scotch.

Stock is limited, making each sip a rare and cherished experience.


On the nose there is a bouquet of floral, fragrant citrus sweetness. The palate is packed with waves of red fruits, vanilla, and spices with briny peat smoke and rich dried fruits on the finish.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.