Kaiyo Mizunara Oak Whisky

By Kaiyo

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Learn the story behind one of the most rare, elusive and prized whiskies in the world. Our Kaiyo Mizunara Oak whisky is made with a unique combination of two grains: malted barley, like all Scotch whisky, and rye. The use of mizunara oak for barrels was not what one would call serendipitous, at least not at first.

During World War II, Japan, like several other countries, was unable to receive imported goods, making the delivery of European or American oak barrels for whisky maturation impossible; though it wasn’t a priority to produce whisky during this time period, its demand increased greatly during those times with it becoming the primary drink consumed by Japanese soldiers.

With this in mind, Japanese coopers and whisky makers sought out a domestic alternative to mature whisky in and found it in Japanese oak – more popularly identified as mizunara oak


Kaiyō 43% Delicate nose with vanilla, ripe dried fruit and hints of cherry, with a long lingering finish

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.