Junipero Gin

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Junipero is the first of its kind. Made in San Francisco by hand, Junipero is a bold and fearless spirit that owes its unique character to the distilling team’s inventive use of copper pot stills and an unfiltered. Explore the passion behind our innovative approach with this collection’s six expressions made from fresh pineapple, green olives, cucumbers, rosemary and other botanicals.

Junipero American Gin is one of the most pioneering gins on the market. In 1996 it was the first American craft gin, and it established juniper as a cornerstone flavor in the gin category.



Strong juniper core. Crisp and clean with bright citrus notes and herbal complexity.

Big structure with juniper at the forefront that opens up and reveals its full complexity in the finish with notes of lemon peel, cardamom and lemongrass.


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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.