Jefferson's Ocean Aged At Sea Bourbon


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Jefferson's Ocean Aged At Sea Bourbon captures the characteristics of a cruise through the waters of The Caribbean and West Indian Ocean. This bourbon is an exquisite marriage of rarity and maturity and offers a unique reward for connoisseurs who seek incredible flavors. Jefferson's Ocean has been aged at sea, which crosses the equator twice. Barrels of Jefferson's Ocean travel to 25 ports, 5 continents, and cross the equator two times before they are bottled in Louisville, Kentucky.

Take a journey aboard the deck of a ship with Jefferson's Ocean Aged At Sea. This bourbon is aged at sea, traveling to 25 ports around the world over a period of two years. Existing in a world of its own, this rare expression is matured at the mercy of the sea. Discover your flavor and enjoy this voyage.

Please note: packaging may vary.