Jean Marc XO Vodka


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Inspired by an old French saying "Vodka is like water, you can never have too much of it." Jean Marc thought why not try a French vodka? Voila! The idea was born. A vodka unlike any other - distilled nine times and made from French wheat and spring water from the Cognac area.

Jean-Marc XO Vodka is distilled nine times, twice as much as most other vodka. It is made from wheat grown in the Cognac area of France and distilled in a French copper Alambic still. From start to finish, this vodka takes a minimum of four weeks. This extremely smooth vodka has been blended using a multi-step infusion process that infuses specially selected flavor essences with the finest winter wheat, resulting in an unusually rich taste. A French buttery, vanilla aroma complements the delicately silky mid-palate flavor profile. Complex, satisfying and robust; Jean-Marc XO.

Please note: packaging may vary.