Hudson New York Straight Bourbon 5YO

By Hudson

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Savor the rich taste of Hudson New York Straight Bourbon 5YO. Aged in new American oak barrels, it offers vanilla, citrus, corn bread aromas and cashew butter, caramel flavors. Perfect neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite whiskey cocktail.

Experience the warmth and complexity of Hudson New York Straight Bourbon 5YO. Crafted with attention to detail, our bourbon is aged for five years in new American oak barrels and is a unique blend of 95% corn and 5% malted barley, contributing to its distinctive profile.

Hudson New York Straight Bourbon 5YO greets you with a buttery blend of aromas - enticing vanilla, vibrant citrus, and the comforting scent of corn bread. This captivating bouquet is just the beginning of its journey on the senses.

Upon tasting, you'll be met with a symphony of flavors. Notes of rich cashew butter mingle with the sweet allure of caramel, creating a uniquely indulgent experience. This full-bodied, harmonious blend showcases the artistry of our distillation process and the depth gained from its maturation period.


Corn bread, citrus, vanilla, almost buttery

Cashew butter, caramel

Long and balanced

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.