Hudson Back Room Deal Rye Whiskey Finished in Peated Scotch Barrels

By Hudson

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Experience the complexity of Hudson Back Room Deal Straight Rye Whiskey, aged in peated Scotch barrels. This distinctive New York whiskey brings together the robustness of rye and the smoky nuance of peat.

Hudson Back Room Deal, a straight rye whiskey that promises more than meets the eye. Crafted in New York and finished in peated Scotch barrels, it represents a secretive pact between the boldness of rye and the smoky character of peat.

Just as intriguing as a hushed deal in a dimly lit back room, this whiskey beckons you into a world of complex flavor. The grainy robustness of New York rye is balanced perfectly with the smoky, earthy undertones imparted by the peated Scotch barrels, resulting in a truly captivating blend.

Each sip of Hudson Back Room Deal unveils layers of depth, offering an exploratory experience that leaves you pondering long after the last drop. Its unique flavor profile appeals to both whiskey beginners and seasoned connoisseurs, drawing them in with its intriguing backstory and keeping them hooked with its distinct taste.


There’s a bit of smoke in the air, and a soft aroma of vanilla, apricot, and brown sugar

Take a sip, and it’s bright and fruity with black pepper and mint, rye spice mingling perfectly with smokey peat notes

That peat lasts long on the finish, with just a little bit of sweetness

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.