Gran Coramino Kevin Hart Anejo Tequila

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Gran Coramino took a few barrels of its finest, most premium Añejo, and had it matured in selected cognac casks. The anticipated result is the lush flavor that sips like fine tequila.

Gran Coramino Anejo is a very special Añejo tequila. Blended with casks that matured French cognac and bourbon whiskey, Gran Coramino delivers an unparalleled smooth taste experience.

Whether sipped neat or enjoyed with a few rocks, in your favorite cocktail, or margarita, Gran Coramino is the ultra-premium Tequila you're looking for!

Cooked agave, butterscotch, and cinnamon

Rich oak, nuts, toasted cacao, and coffee bean

Deep amber with copper hues

Oak-laced, long and sweet finish

100% blue agave

We own every step of the tequila-making process from planting to bottling

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.