Gran Centenario Plata Tequila


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An incredibly smooth and refined taste makes Gran Centenario Plata Tequila the perfect choice to sip on. We blend this in an oak vat to achieve a subtle wood note, along with peach and honey tones. The result is an incredibly smooth tequila with fruit forward notes of pear, lime and citrus with a touch of black pepper.

When you think of white tequila, you probably don't picture a smooth, wood-aged spirit with flavors of pear, lime, and citrus. But Gran Centenario Plata embodies the very best of both worlds. Aged in oak barrels for just the right amount of time to soften the mild smoky notes and lend complexity to its character, this tequila offers an extraordinary balance between lightness and intensity

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.