Glenmorangie A Tale Of Tokyo Scotch

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Savor the time-honored taste of Glenmorangie Classic Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky. A reflection of Scotland's pristine highlands, every drop is a celebration of traditional craftsmanship and rich flavors.

Perfectly distilled to capture the essence of its origins, this whisky offers a timeless journey that's both smooth and profound. It's the very soul of Glenmorangie, waiting to be discovered.


Reddish bronze ‘like the rising sun’

Powerfully herbal, with hints of toffee contrasted by incense and saddle-soap, followed by a resinous note and a touch of cedar wood

A peppery mouthfeel leads into notes of tangy oranges and bitter cherries alongside fennel and chewy oak

Long and gently nutty, with hints of almond, mandarin, ground white pepper and more wood resin

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.