Glenlivet 15 Year Scotch

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The Glenlivet 15 Years of Age French Oak Reserve is a refreshing single malt scotch that combines the natural essence of oak with a rich and sweet taste. This award-winning Scotch is made by taking care of oak casks that are left to age 15 years before opening. Pour this single malt into a glass and allow it to breathe by spreading the aroma around and waiting for the crown to form.

The mature, rich aroma of The Glenlivet 15 Years of Age French Oak Reserve single malt Scotch invites you to sip and discover new notes and flavors with each mouthful. After you have savored the full-bodied taste of this single malt scotch, it will remain on your mind for a long time.


French Limousin Oak

Deep, intense gold

Full-flavored venison dishes

Round and incredibly smooth. Fruity and nutty flavors with a gentle cinnamon spiciness

Lingering almond and spice

Rich and buttery with fruit aromas

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.