Glenlivet 12 Year Scotch

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Glenlivet12 Year Old is a whisky loved by many, with a soft hint of vanilla, smoky oak and honey that lingers on the tongue. One of the most popular malts in the world, loved for its signature smoothness and light body. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks or with a good mixer, this quality spirit has something to offer every single palate.

A single-malt scotch named after the original distillery in the Scottish Highlands, Glenlivet 12 has a signature smoothness that makes it one of the most popular malts in the world. It bears the unmistakable flavor of spices, vanilla, and toffee, with just a hint of citrus. Explore this smooth flavor in your next cocktail.

European and American Oak

Bright, vibrant gold

Seared scallops

Floral notes and smooth fruit. Notes of fresh peaches, pears and vanilla

Marzipan and fresh hazelnuts

Vibrant aromas of summer meadows and tropical fruits, notably pineapple

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.