George Dickel x Leopold Bros Collaboration Blend Rye

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Here’s to a return to the good old days – an era when rye was king of the bar. George Dickel never forgot those days, and neither did Leopold Bros. Along with Cascade Hollow Distillers, the two collaborated on a blend of two early 20th century styles of rye. This Inaugural release is a Collaboration blend column still and three chamber still, a blend of straight rye whiskies, An American Legacy. George Dickel’s traditional column still rye and Leopold Bros’ Three Chamber-distilled rye. This historic blend is inspired by the pioneer era of whisky, a time when all American whiskey was rye and blended differently than it is today. Cascade Hollow was built to turn back time, and this collaboration allows them to showcase distillation in its truest form – using only one type of distillation equipment, one piece at a time.

George Dickel has teamed up with the Leopold Bros to produce an innovative rye whisky offering. The release blends George Dickel’s column still rye produced at Cascade Hallow Distillery with Leopold Bros’ Three Chamber Rye to recreate a historic style. This union between column distilled rye and Three Chamber distilled rye turns back the hands of time, returning to an era that saw heavy-bodied rye whisky served at bars and saloons throughout America. The Cascade Hollow component of this blend is a never-before released traditional column still rye.

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