Garrison Brothers Guadalupe Bourbon

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Experience the culinary artistry of Garrison Brothers Guadalupe Bourbon. Matured in European oak barrels for an unparalleled depth of flavors like rich caramel and toasty vanilla.

Imagine yourself as a seasoned chef, masterfully blending flavors to create a culinary masterpiece that wows even the harshest critics. Garrison Brothers Guadalupe Bourbon embodies that same level of craftsmanship.

Each bottle is a nuanced balance of ingredients—matured in European oak barrels for a depth of flavor that's unparalleled. It's a bourbon that leaves a lasting impression, like a signature dish that diners talk about long after the meal is over.


A captivating tapestry of flavors welcomes you at first sip—rich caramel layered over a foundation of toasty vanilla. As it rolls over the palate, subtle notes of spicy pepper make a brief but memorable appearance, much like a fleeting glimpse of wildlife in a scenic landscape.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.