Four Roses Small Batch Select Bourbon

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Four Roses Master Distiller Brent Elliott selected and mingled six of Four Roses' 10 Bourbon recipes, each aged a minimum of 6 years, to handcraft Small Batch Select. The chosen recipes include the OBSV recipe, a low-rye recipe with floral and spicy notes, OESK, a high-rye recipe with notes of honey and spice and OBSF, a low-rye recipe with hints of ripe plum.

Four Roses Small Batch Select is a unique and sophisticated small batch bourbon that is more sophisticated and balanced than our regular Four Roses Bourbon. It was matured in the same warehouse, on the same rickhouse floors, and using the same yeast starter culture over an equal amount of time as our standard Four Roses Bourbon. However, our unique recipe of carefully aged bourbons ensures a whiskey with superior complexity and heightened aromas.

Four Roses Small Batch Select is aged a full two years, and blended to achieve its distinctive aroma, flavor and taste. It's the precious distillate of choice for many of the world's most discriminating whiskey lovers. If you're searching for a gift from nature with perfectly balanced nuances of wood, spice and fruit, look no further.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.