Del Maguey Wild Jabali Mezcal

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Explore the untamed essence of Oaxaca with Del Maguey Wild Jabali Mezcal. This singular spirit is a tantalizing taste journey, crafted from the wild agave jabali, known for its unique, vibrant flavors.

Dive into a whirlpool of sensory delight, marked by exhilarating notes of tropical fruits, subtle floral undertones, and a signature smoky finish. The boldness of Del Maguey Wild Jabali Mezcal reflects its origin – wild, rugged, and captivating.

It's more than just mezcal; it's an adventure in a bottle. Enjoy a sip of wilderness with Del Maguey Wild Jabali Mezcal and ignite your passion for authentic Mexican spirits.


Fresh figs and baked apples, accented by star anise and a hint of Parmesan. Enjoy the vibrant acidity, floral sweetness, herbal hints, and a sandalwood close.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.