Dalmore 12 Year Scotch

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By Dalmore

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Luxury has never looked this good. The Dalmore 12 Year Scotch Whisky is a whisky that finds its way into the most exclusive of liquor cabinets (very quietly, and with a certain amount of luck). The Dalmore 12, which requires 12 years to mature and is aged in American white oak ex-Bourbon casks, is smooth, complex and - yes - full of character. Don't bother trying to keep this one under wraps, it's simply too good to hide.

Like a good single malt Scotch, the Dalmore 12 has character far beyond its age. The spirit is initially matured in American white oak ex-Bourbon casks, yielding soft vanilla and honey notes. It also develops fragrant hints of dried fruits during maturation. The resulting palate is smooth with a firm finish.


The Aroma
Citrus fruits, chocolate and aromatic spices

On the Palate
Seville oranges, dried fruits and hints of vanilla pod

Finishing Notes
Roasted coffee and dark chocolate

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.