Cutwater Bourbon Whiskey

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Step right up, dear sipper, to a world where Bourbon meets bewitchment, and whimsy whirls with every swirl! Welcome to the enchanting realm of Cutwater Bourbon Whiskey!

From the first pop of the cork, it's a jubilant jamboree! Imagine a parade of flavors: mischievous caramel jesters juggling golden orbs, sassy vanilla fairies sprinkling their aromatic magic, and bold oak knights standing guard, ensuring every sip is a royal delight.

As you pour, the amber liquid glimmers, like liquid sunshine caught doing the Charleston in your glass. The aroma? Oh, it’s a tantalizing tickle, as if the very air is playfully teasing your nose, beckoning you to dive into the festivities.

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.