Crown Royal Apple Canadian Whisky

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Whiskey drinkers know that no matter what, a proper drink is always finished with a dash of Apple. Crown Royal has unveiled the Crown Apple Canadian Whisky to deliver an over-the-top whisky that tastes like Apple and finishes like a firecracker. Created by blending hand-selected Crown Apple and rye whiskies with powerful flavours and real flavor bursts delivered by peppery Rye whiskies, this whiskey ticks all the boxes of a Canadian ice whiskey.

High-quality apple and pear fruit flavors blend perfectly to create a unique and memorable whisky for the Canadian, Crown Royal Regal Apple. This whiskey has been created by blending hand-selected apple and pear fruit flavor to create a distinct character that will surely stand out in your glass!


Blend of bright apple balanced with signature Crown Royal and hints of spice.

Slightly tart, crisp, apple flavor balanced with signature Crown Royal notes of caramel and light spice.

Crisp apple notes with balanced sweetness for a full-bodied smooth finish.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.