Corzo Anejo Tequila

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By Corzo

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Experience the exceptional smoothness and sophisticated depth of flavor with Corzo Añejo Tequila, an elegant and refined masterpiece meticulously crafted for true connoisseurs. Made from 100% Blue Weber Agave, this superior tequila is twice distilled and aged to perfection in small oak barrels for over 12 months, resulting in a taste that's as rich as its Mexican heritage.

Indulge in the complex bouquet of this premium Añejo, offering enchanting notes of caramel, vanilla, and honey, layered with a touch of spice and an undercurrent of roasted agave. The finish is long and satisfying, leaving you with a warm, inviting afterglow that's reminiscent of a sun-kissed Mexican evening.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.