Corralejo 99000 Horas Anejo Tequila

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Sip a Corralejo 99000 Horas Anejo, a premium, delightfully balanced golden-copper tequila that got its name from the number of hours that it takes to produce it. This isn't your average tequila, and if you're looking for a fine sipping spirit, this is the one for you. Its exquiste flavors come from the best blue agave in the Tequila Valle region. The taste is clean and earthy, and you can really taste the rich Agave flavor in each sip.


Color: Amber with hints of ochre.

Aromas: Notes of chocolate, vanilla and almond with intense oak aromas.

Finish in the mouth: A silky full-bodied tequila that offers the palate intense notes of wood and chocolate confirming the exquisite aromas of this tequila.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.