Coldcock American Herbal Whiskey


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There's much to love about COLDCOCK whiskey: Cold infused with a blend of 11 all-natural botanicals including mint, hibiscus, ginger, green tea, eucalyptus and juniper, it’s packed with flavor. Aged in oak barrels in Kentucky's bluegrass country, it's smooth and rich. Made with Kentucky bourbon and California herbs, it's truly American.

COLDCOCK is a blend of American whiskeys infused with natural herbal flavors. Makes for a smooth finish and an exceptionally great tasting whiskey that is easy on the throat, especially when mixed with cola, lemonade, or your favorite fruit juice.

It's a brave new world. Defy convention and get whisked away by sweet honey, mint, and ginger flavors in this herbal whiskey made of green tea extract, ginseng, and the finest American grains.

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.