Chambord Liqueur

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750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.

Meet the star of our show: Chambord Liqueur. It's like nothing you've had before. The velvety smoothness with a hint of raspberry and a seductive finish that lingers on your tongue. You may have tried drinks like this before, but none like this one unless you've been to the Loire Valley, France - where our magical liqueur is made

Enjoy smooth Chambord Liqueur made from black raspberries from the Loire Valley. Whether enjoyed alone or as a cocktail ingredient, it's a taste experience like no other.

Create Your Own Cocktail



1⁄2 part gin
1⁄2 part fresh lemon juice
1⁄2 part Chambord
Lemon wedge

First, we take a tumbler glass filled with ice and add our lemon juice.
Next we add the gin of your choosing.
Finally, we add our luxurious Chambord. And garnish with a deliciously zesty lemon wedge.