Canadian Club 1858 Canadian Whisky


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Amidst the intoxicating allure of shimmering lights and enthralling dances, we present an age-old seduction: Canadian Club 1858 Canadian Whisky.

Dive into an experience where history and luxury converge. This isn't merely whisky; it's an emblem of a bygone era, carrying the prestige and pride of 1858. Each sip whispers tales of Canadian craftsmanship, blending seamlessly with the electric ambiance of our esteemed establishment.

Craving the perfect blend of old-world charm in today's vibrant nightlife? Elevate your evenings with the dancers' mesmerizing moves and the timeless allure of Canadian Club 1858.


Bright Gold

Fresh and soft, with an almond nuttiness, hint of peppery spice

Spicy and zesty, complimented with hints of rich oak and sweet vanilla, pleasant sweetness

Clean, dry and lingering with subtle oak

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.