Corazon Extra Anejo Tequila

By Corazon

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Corazon Single Estate Extra Anejo Tequila was inspired by the beautiful Mexican landscape, where Corazon’s expert distillers sourced their agave. From the fields of Jalisco and San Matias, to this exquisite tequila’s extra anejo expression.

Aging our tequila in barrels from the first pressing of agave yields our Extra Añejo, a true labor of love for Corazón. With the spirit’s smooth, rich character, you’ll enjoy the taste of time, handcrafted by master distillers and expert partners on their own estate.


Dark amber

Aromas of earthy roasted pineapple greens blend with sweet vanilla on the inviting nose.

Ultra-smooth with flavors of oak, tropical fruit and spice melding together to create a sophisticated finish.

Aged at least 36 months in American Oak

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.