Bushmills 10 Year Irish Whiskey


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Delight in this ten year old Bushmills Irish Whiskey. The Ten Year Old is triple distilled and aged in 100% oak barrels for ten long years to patiently create a smooth spirit with an exceptional and elegant finish. Not only is it pleasant on the pallet, it's also bottled with the classic look of Red Handed Bushmills, one of Ireland's most famous distilleries.

You simply cannot argue with the high quality of Bushmills 10 Year Old. With a smooth finish and exceptional taste, it is one of our most popular Irish Whiskeys. We recommend drinking this in an Irish Coffee or even better as a Digestif – over ice with a splash of water. Simply delicious.

Amber gold

Fresh and zesty. Honey, ripe fruit, vanilla and milk chocolate

Soft vanilla, milk chocolate, malted barley and apple tart

Crisp, clean and gently drying

Please note: packaging may vary.
750ML Unless Noted Otherwise.